Coronado Island is the right choice for you.

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130015179-11If you are looking for prime real estate located in a beautiful island setting, then Coronado Island is the right choice for you. Your friends, family and colleagues will envy you because Coronado Island has some of the most desirable real estate in the San Diego area. Most of Coronado real estate is primarily concentrated in three popular neighborhoods, which include the main portion of the Coronado man-made peninsula referred to as Coronado Village, The Coronado Shores located south of the historic Hotel del Coronado between the Pacific Ocean and San Diego Bay and the gated community of Coronado Cays, which locals refer to as the Marina District.

Coronado Village is considered the heart of the town where you will find local restaurants, shops, the hospital, school and the famous Spreckles Park, which hosts a number of local community events.

The Coronado Shores offers resort style condo living at its finest with units either overlooking the Pacific Ocean on one side or the San Diego Bay on the other side. You can enjoy a leisurely walk on the beach or just watching a beautiful sunset from your balcony.

Coronado Cays offers its residents a variety of housing styles including single-family homes and townhouses as well as lovely waterfront properties, many featuring direct access to the bay and boatslips.

According to, the median price of homes on Coronado Island during the period December 12, 2012 to February 13, 2013 was $1,175,000, which reflected an increase of 30.6% over the same period last year. Well-priced homes are selling quicker now. The average list price for the week ending March 20, 2013 was $2,225,303. There is a high demand for good quality properties. Buyers who want to find their dream property may encounter some competition so it is recommended that when you do find a property, you should act quickly.

Whether you are retiring, relocating or just looking for a vacation property, Coronado Island offers residents superb dining, great shopping, numerous water activities and a casual laid back atmosphere where you can enjoy the pristine beach and beautiful sunsets.

A local Realtor can help you with your Coronado Island real estate needs.  The Coronado Island real estate agent understands the current real estate market conditions. The Realtor can help you determine the right price to list your home at or the right price to offer if you are purchasing Coronado real estate.

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Koloa Real Estate has everything: beauty and exclusivity

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Koloa is located on the South Shore of the Hawaiian island Kauai just north of Poipu.  It is also known as “Old Koloa Town” and is full of rich history as the site of the first sugar plantation in Hawaii.  There are numerous shops and businesses in Koloa that fill the old buildings throughout the town.  There are still plantations in the area, but most of the sugar plantations have now been replaced by guava and other tropical fruits.

Koloa is a great tourist destination for fishing, snorkeling, surfing, and scuba diving.  Also, in the summer, tourists and islanders alike flock to Koloa for the Plantation Days Celebration.  This is a more expensive and upscale area of Kauai to live in; however, the high level of tourism makes living here affordable.  The population is just a little over 2,000, and the average income is around $54,000.

Real estate prices vary greatly in the area making it possible to find something in everyone’s price range.  The average price for homes is $350,000.  The area is a great investment for rental properties because of the heavily focused tourism industry.  Condos especially are great investments in Koloa.  Waikomo Stream Villas, Sunset Kahili, and Koloa Garden Apartments have one-bedroom condos starting at $200K.  Makahuena, Poipu Sands, and the Lawai Beach Resort have larger condos and condos closer to the water with amazing views.  These start around $400K.  Nihikai Villas, Alihi Lani, and Koloa Landing have more luxurious condos that sell between $800K and $1 million.

There are also single-family homes available for those seeking a different kind of home for permanent residency.  Properties available that will require a little work and some updating start around $300K but can go up to over $8 million.  Most available homes are priced between $500K and $600K.  There are also distressed properties available such as REOs and short sales.

Koloa has everything: beauty, exclusivity, and a great distance from Poipu.  Who would not want to buy real estate in this area? This area is a great investment in real estate, and also makes a great place to call a new permanent home.  Prices for Koloa real estate are sure to soar now that the recession is at its end, and the best time to buy in the area would be immediately.

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The Homes in Hawaii: Luxury and Beachfront

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Downtown Honolulu featuring the Aloha Tower, t...

Those that have ever been to Hawaii, know that the area is one that is great for vacations and is a property for many people to end up living here once they hit the age of retirement. The islands that are located within Hawaii are famous and have been made this way by many artists and movie products who come here and then use the islands as inspirations for their work. There are six islands that are considered to be major players in Hawaii and these are the Big Island, Oahu, Maui, Molokai, Lanai and Kauai.

The way that the islands were formed is something that most people are interested in and they will find that the majority of these islands were formed through undersea volcanoes. And because of this there are some of the tallest mountains that rise straight out of the sea that can be found no where else in the world. Since the islands were made by volcanoes, most people worry about living there, however, of all the islands, the Big Island is the only one that still has some volcano activity going on.

The capital city in Hawaii is Honolulu and is located on Oahu. And about 85% of the population in all of Hawaii lives on this island. And the city is one of the only metropolitan cities in all of Hawaii. The area is famous for the beautiful landscapes that are present, the nature that is found here and of course the beaches that attract tons of people each and every year.

Those that are looking for properties in the area are going to find that they have many to choose from in terms of what they are finding. There are those single family homes, condos, land that they can build on, properties that are considered to be for commercial or business uses. And no matter what you are looking for, you will find it in Hawaii no matter what social class that you may fit into. There are many famous people that live in the area, however, there are just as many people that are not famous living amongst them. And usually these people are those that are buying the property for their retirement, while others buy the homes as a vacation getaway for themselves and their family.

Those that end up purchase a home that in Hawaii that is considered to be a luxury or beachfront home, then they are going to find that they are entering into a world in which people assume that the person has stability, is prosperous and overall is someone that has everything going right for them. The reason for this is that the luxury real estate that is found in Hawaii is something that is the best that can be found anywhere in the entire world. So just what can a person expect with a luxury or beachfront home in Hawaii? They are going to have an excellent view that usually includes the beach, ocean, mountains, or even the city skyline. They will also find that they are getting some great activities outdoors to do and that they still have the access to civilization that they need.

Those that are serious about getting a luxury home in Hawaii, they should be aware that the price is going to be much more expensive than if they were to buy the same home in another area of the United States. The reason for this is that the reputation of the area is one that is hard to beat. Therefore, it is best to do your research before buying a home in the area so that you know what you are getting and what your options area. Of course, for those that would rather have something that is not a home, but an apartment, then they should look at the apartments that are available on Oahu since they will find that they are going to get everything that they could ever want with these selections.

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